anne of green gables chapter 8


An Accident and a New Dress

Some weeks later, Diana had a party. She invited Anne and the other girls in her class. They had a very good time.

After tea, the girls played outside. «Let’s play a new game,» said one of the girls. «Let’s do exciting things. Who can climb the big tree by Diana’s front door?»

One of the girls climbed the tree. Then another girl thought of something more exciting. «Who can climb up to the top of Diana’s house?» she said.

«I can!» cried Anne. She ran to the house.

«Stop, Anne!» called Diana. «That’s very dangerous!»

Anne started to climb to the top of the house, but it was very difficult. Suddenly, she fell to the ground.

Diana ran to her. «Oh, Anne, Anne, are you dead?» she said.

Anne opened her eyes. Her face was very white. «No, I’m not dead, Diana,» she said. «But my leg hurts. I can’t walk.»

Mr. Barry carried Anne home to Green Gables. When Marilla saw Mr. Barry with Anne in his arms, she felt very afraid. Was Anne dead?

«I love Anne very much,» she thought. «I know that now.» She ran to Mr. Barry. «What happened?» she asked.

«Don’t be afraid, Marilla,» said Anne. «I fell off Diana’s house.»

Anne couldn’t go back to school. She stayed home for seven weeks. Her friends came to see her every day. They brought her flowers and books. She had many other visitors, too. Mrs. Allan and Mrs. Lynde came often.


When Anne’s leg was better, she went back to school. She liked Miss Stacy very much. Miss Stacy was a very good young teacher, and Anne worked hard in her lessons.

«I love Miss Stacy,» Anne said to Marilla and Matthew one evening. «She wants us to give a concert at Christmas. Isn’t that exciting? Diana’s going to sing a song. And I’m going to say two poems.»

One evening, Matthew went into the kitchen at Green Gables. Anne’s friends were there. They laughed and talked about the concert. They were very excited.

Matthew watched them. «Anne looks different from the other girls. But why?» he thought. He thought all evening, then suddenly he knew the answer. «Anne’s clothes are different,» he thought. «The other girls wear pretty dresses. Marilla makes good dresses for Anne, but they aren’t very pretty.»

Then Matthew had an idea. «I’m going to give Anne a new dress for Christmas,» he thought.

He went to the store in town and tried to buy a dress. But he couldn’t because he didn’t know much about girls’ dresses.

«Maybe somebody can make a pretty dress for Anne,» he thought. «But who? I don’t know many women in Avonlea. I can’t ask Marilla. I know-I’ll have to ask Mrs. Lynde.»

He went to see Mrs. Lynde.

«Of course I’ll help you, Matthew,» said Mrs. Lynde. «And I won’t tell Marilla. It’ll be a surprise.»

On Christmas morning, Anne woke up early. She looked out of the window and felt very happy. The trees were white with snow.

She ran downstairs into the kitchen and Matthew gave her the dress. Anne started to cry.

«What’s wrong?» said Matthew. «Don’t you like it?»

«Oh yes, Matthew,» answered Anne. «I love the dress. It’s beautiful. Thank you! I’m crying because I’m very happy.»

That night, Anne wore her new dress to the concert. She said her two poems very well. Matthew and Marilla were at the concert, too. Later, they sat by the kitchen fire and talked.

«Anne did very well tonight,» said Matthew.

«Yes,» said Marilla. «She’s very smart. And she looked very nice in her new dress.»

«She’s thirteen now,» said Matthew. «One day she’ll leave the Avonlea school. We have to think about her future.»


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