Big hair day chapter 1


A Bad Start

I’m here, in Norwich! Goodbye to my job in Jack’s Cafe in London for six days! I feel very, very happy. I want to laugh and shout, and tell everyone about it.

I’m going to be in a film with Fabio Facelli! Yes, me, Sophia Reynolds, with Fabio Facelli! I love Fabio’s films. And now I’m going to be in a film with him!

OK, it isn’t just Fabio and me in the film. There are going to be lots of people. And I’m an ‘extra’. I’m not going to speak, but I’m going to be in the film. With Fabio Facelli!

It’s eight o’clock. I must be at Chapelfield Park at ten o’clock. I have two hours. First I can take my bag to my hotel.

I start to walk, but a woman stops me. ‘Excuse me. Can you tell me how to get to Bank Street?’ she asks.

I smile at the woman. ‘I don’t know Norwich, but I’ve got a map,’ I tell her.

‘Thank you,’ says the woman.

The map is big and it’s a windy day. My hair is over my face and I can’t see. I try to find Bank Street. But the wind takes the map from my hands.

‘Oh!’ I start to laugh. The woman tries to help, but the wind is taking my map away.

‘Come back here!’ I shout and I run down the street after the map.

The map goes under a bus. I wait for the bus to stop. Then I go and get the map. I walk back up the street, but I can’t see the woman. I look for her up and down the street.

‘That’s funny,’ I think. I put the map back in my bag. Then I see that something’s wrong.

‘These aren’t my things!’ I say. ‘This isn’t my bag! Oh no, she’s got my bag!’

I look up and down the street again, but the woman isn’t there. I don’t know what to do. Everything’s going wrong. First the map, now my bag. Then I see something — a police station.

I take the woman’s bag and start to run. I run to the police station, and I go in.

‘My bag!’ I shout at a policeman behind the desk. ‘She’s got my bag. You must help me. Please!’


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