dracula chapter 8


‘The Count! The Count!’ he shouted down to them. ‘The Vampire is coming back. We have no more time. Leave the last box and follow me!’

One box was left unopened. Jonathan and Arthur ran up the stone steps and after the Professor. As they reached the broken window, they heard a terrible cry. They turned quickly. Count Dracula was coming towards them. His face was white and angry. His eyes shone with red fire.

When the Vampire saw Jonathan, he jumped at him like a wild animal. But Van Helsing stood in front of Jonathan and held up his cross. Dracula stepped back.

‘You cannot stop me,’ he cried out, ‘I am Dracula! I have lived and fought my enemies for hundreds of years. I have fought armies. How can three men stop me now?’

Suddenly the house was full of strange mist. The three friends got out of the window and ran across the garden. They found the broken part of the wall and climbed over.

In the road, the air was clear. The moonlight shone on the men’s white faces.

‘Come,’ said Van Helsing, ‘we must get back to Mina. She may be in danger.’

The three friends hurried to the little station. They caught a train to London.

When they reached Jonathan’s house, it was quiet. Jonathan unlocked the front door and the three men went upstairs to their own bedrooms.

Jonathan opened his door quietly and then he gave a terrible cry. His friends ran into the room after him.

The bedroom window was wide open and moonlight was shining into the room. Mina was on the balcony and a dark shape was leaning over her. It was Count Dracula!

One of his hands held the back of Mina’s neck. The other held down her hands. But the Vampire was not drinking Mina’s blood. No, it was more terrible than that. Dracula was holding Mina’s face to a long cut on his chest. He was making her drink his blood!

The Vampire turned his head. His eyes burned with a terrible red light. Blood was dripping from his red lips and long, white teeth. The Vampire had already taken his meal of blood!

Dracula gave a cry of anger, but Van Helsing was ready for him. The old doctor held his cross up high. A cloud covered the moon. It was suddenly dark. When the moonlight shone again, Dracula had gone. A little golden dust moved over the balcony.

Poor Mina was almost mad with fear. When she saw Jonathan, she began to cry and cry. Van Helsing carried Mina back to the bed. Then he washed the blood from her face and neck.

‘My dear Mina,’ the old man said. ‘You are safe now. Can you tell us what happened?’

‘Oh, Jonathan, why did you leave me?’ Mina cried.

‘I thought you were safe,’ Jonathan answered as he held his wife’s hands.

‘I was asleep,’ Mina said. ‘I was dreaming. I saw a cloud of golden dust. I saw eyes burning with red fire. Something woke me. It was the sound of a child, crying. When I got up, I saw something moving in the garden. I opened the window and walked out onto the balcony. Then suddenly, he was standing beside me. I saw his red eyes, his cruel mouth and his long, white teeth. I knew it was Count Dracula! He smiled and said, «Nothing can help you now. You are in my power…»‘

Mina covered her face with her hands.

‘Then he put his lips to my throat and drank my blood,’ she whispered. ‘I could not stop him. And now I have drunk his blood. I am a vampire too!’

‘No, no!’ Jonathan cried.

‘It is the truth,’ Mina replied. ‘I have drunk the Count’s blood and I am in his power. I must do what he wants, even if I harm you, my husband!’ Then Mina looked at Van Helsing with tears in her eyes.

‘The Vampire has won,’ she said.

‘No!’ Van Helsing cried. ‘He is afraid, I am sure of it. He cannot stay in England now. He will use the last box to return to his own country. Sleep now, Mina. You must rest.’

But Mina went on speaking.

‘I have drunk the Count’s blood and I am in his power,’ she said. ‘But perhaps we can use this power to destroy him. Hypnotize me, Professor, before dawn. I think I can tell you what the Vampire plans to do.’

Van Helsing sat down beside Mina and moved his hand before her face. Her eyes closed.

‘Where is Count Dracula? What does he plan to do?’ Van Helsing asked.

‘It is dark,’ Mina replied. Her voice was slow and clear. ‘I can hear moving water. Oh, the Vampire’s power is strong. But I hear a ship and men shouting. The ship is ready to leave. There is a mist, darkness… I cannot tell you any more…’

In a few minutes, Mina had opened her eyes.

‘We have won!’ Jonathan told her. ‘The Vampire is leaving England. We are safe now.’

But Professor Van Helsing shook his head sadly.

‘Have you forgotten? Mina has drunk the Vampire’s blood — he has drunk hers. If Mina dies before Dracula is destroyed, she will be a vampire forever!’


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