How to Smoothly Transition to QuickBooks Online Harmony


It can be a whole range of things, and the delivery … so the of delivery also can range quite a bit. We probably have eight or nine people 100% dedicated to design systems. If I were to add in all the contributors though, then we’re probably getting up until like 30 or 40 people, but a lot of those people are just brought in part-time capacity to drive through whatever initiative we’re working on at the time.

By staying in the sweet spot of what people need rather than what they ask for, a company can evolve with its customer base. According to the Design Management Institute, design-driven companies have outperformed the Standard & Poor’s 500 by 228%. Companies like Apple, Herman Miller, IBM, Nike, Procter & Gamble, and Walt Disney have consistently shown that focusing on your user experience is very good for your bottom line. The design principles unified, inspired, and guided the developers.

We really liked the lightning team had built just for internal testing or internal monitoring of how people are using stuff. We’ve been looking to build not exactly like they’re doing, but had some similar concepts. We’ve done a lot of customer testing, and we’re getting really good results in this visual language. How about we sit down with one of your front-end developers and give us a couple days, and we’ll just crank this out? We’re not on the same technology stack, so what can we develop that will help accelerate adoption and help with cohesiveness or dare I say consistency, which was a CSS framework?

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Customers will be able to ignore the invitation that they receive to transition. However, this is only a short-term solution because Intuit plans to automatically transition customers after a certain point, specifically after tax season. Before they are automatically transitioned to Harmony, customers will receive a notice of at least 20 days. It is great to hear the story behind the product!


Intuit invites members to a series of virtual private collection tours, in which a collector of outsider and self-taught art leads a tour of their home and shares stories about their collecting journey. Each event concludes with a Q&A with the collector. The toolkit also has downloadable psd, sketch and axure assets for folks to use in their mocks/wires. And privately, we have code to speed up development and let us easily update the UI.

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The museum’s mission is grounded in the ethos that powerful art can be found in unexpected places and made by unexpected creators. Then check out the Intuit Store, open during museum hours. Load up on hard-to-find art books and catalogs from exhibitions of folk, intuitive and outsider art from all over the world. Check out exclusive t-shirts and quirky items found nowhere else in Chicago. Members receive a 10% discount on all in-store merchandise.

Concrete frame at LA Clippers’ new Intuit Dome arena tops out — Archinect

Concrete frame at LA Clippers’ new Intuit Dome arena tops out.

Posted: Fri, 05 Aug 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

When I came in, there was a … If we just take, let’s say, our web products, there was a variety of JavaScript-based UI component libraries out there. Another initiative I was part of was essentially looking at re-platforming the web technology into something more modern. Having a defined process, so like I said, it’s really important actually to have creativity for some set of requirements initially about, “What are you trying to accomplish? ” Hopefully, that’s backed by some customer or some business benefit, so I think as funny as it sounds, I think it is crucial to at least upfront spend a little bit of time defining that stuff. Then, we also had to embed and pair programmers and designers with each product team. It’s amazing what happens when … If you just ask an engineer for an estimate based on a red line spec, you get a very high estimate.


Intuit’s designers will continue to evolve their design vocabulary, improving the customer experience for both QuickBooks Online and the rest of Intuit’s products. At the core of this change is Harmony’s central design team, who act as advocates and caretakers of the Harmony design language. The Harmony team works with Intuit’s business units to insure that the designs are consistently implemented across the entire company. I think the answer would be, “What problems does your organization or your product have that you feel like a design system could provide a solution for?

I’m currently building an ML-driven personalized recommendation system that helps small businesses get the most from the QuickBooks product ecosystem. Growing an 18-person cross-functional team of data scientists, analysts, marketers, product managers, and designers, while building product strategy and A/B testing capabilities. We’re currently testing our big swings for the year and managing a portfolio of customer experiences that drive $300M in services revenue. I had the benefit of coming in with that sort of groundwork already laid for me.

James White’s ‘Evidence’ Is a Painter’s Treatise on Photography —

James White’s ‘Evidence’ Is a Painter’s Treatise on Photography.

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Use progressive disclosure of data and information, provide real-time feedback, and simplify required steps in task flows. And, to help support their efforts, the design and development teams were reorganized to create an environment that encourages and supports creativity and excellence. When there are common jobs or tasks across products, Intuit will use common designs and components. It may not be the best for one, but it will be the best for all.

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That said, we were one of the first to adopt Intuit as the defacto winner in the small business race 20 years ago with its systems that ultimately became the market leader Quickbooks. As Quickbooks Pro-Advisors, we continue to accomodate its use, but highly recommend that all small business owners start moving the the online cloud based version . Suffice it to say, the current world of accounting solutions is confusing, many purport to be accounting systems, when really all they are is just an app. Our crtiteria for small to mid-sized businesses is simple, a solution today must first be a fully functional accounting system.

As we did in the ’90’s with statement of stockholders equity, we’ve researched intensively which solution is destined to be at the forefront of tomorrow’s cloud-based systems, and XERO has come out as the clear winner. It is very user friendly, built for the small business owner, and having been born in the cloud, outscores its rival Quickbooks Online in access to add-on apps, functionality and time-saving features. «Intuit continues to make investments to evolve our QuickBooks ecosystem and meet the changing needs of the nonprofits we serve,» says Gavin Orleow, Vice President of Channel Sales for Intuit. «By teaming up with Bloomerang to offer an integrated financial and fundraising solution, we are helping to make the experience seamless for our customers and building an ecosystem that scales with growing nonprofits.» The cloud created opportunities for hungry young startups who were moving into Intuit’s space.

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Brad Smith describes Intuit as a 30 year old startup where all 8,000 employees are entrepreneurs, and it is everyone’s job to create, invent, and improve their customers’ lives. The most powerful tool they have to do this is user-centered design, which allows them to improve their customers’ lives and create delightful experiences. As long as they hold on to that–regardless of what method they wrap around it–they’ll continue to be successful.


Petry shares her collection, ranging from collectibles to folk art to outsider art. Works by untrained, trained and anonymous artists accompany her own, which live side by side in harmony in her home. We reinvented ourselves as a design-led company, something we couldn’t have done without reviving our design system. Our design system helped us create some really awesome products. Automatically send invoices, mark bills paid, or record when products and services are delivered by integrating QuickBooks with other systems like back-end ERPs or product databases.

  • I joined the fray as a UX content strategist with the challenge of uniting the UI, Email, Help, and Agent Knowledgebase systems to align terminology, components, and communications across products.
  • Define consistent use of voice to inject fun into the user experience.
  • Check out exclusive t-shirts and quirky items found nowhere else in Chicago.
  • Petry shares her collection, ranging from collectibles to folk art to outsider art.
  • Make sure QuickBooks has access to the latest customer, partner, and product information from other systems, so you never have to re-enter data manually, or worry about outdated details.
  • Reinvented a multi-user onboarding experience while working with agents and customers to define a new task management paradigm.

Here are a few answers that may help them along the way. Design Principles FTW is created and curated by Meetod- a digital product design agency in Sweden. Others, used to the desktop version of QuickBooks, have left less flattering reviews in which they complain about changes in functionality and appearance. Time will tell if these complaints are a reaction to the fact that things have changed or if they are the result of actual issues with the updated interface. If Harmony succeeded with QuickBooks Online, the redesigned product would prove the value of the new design system to the rest of the company.

Designed Intuit’s first payroll application for iPad, increasing mobile active use by 62%. Led two full-scale redesigns and added core features leading to a boost in app store ratings from 3.5 to 4.5 stars. I started GoodnightFox as a creative outlet to share my passion for simple vector animal illustrations with the world. As I connected more with moms of toddlers, I became obsessed with providing cute, simple, printable flashcard sets and learning materials that match their modern aesthetic. And as I learned more about Etsy marketing, I’ve been focused on growing my shop — currently at 193% growth YOY. Leverage LambdaTest’s cloud-based platform to execute your automation tests in parallel and trim down your test execution time significantly.

You can access and sync data across all your devices – computer, tablet, and smartphone. To learn more about how Bloomerang’s donor relationship management software can empower nonprofits to raise more funds and create lasting change. Schedule a consultationto learn more about how Bloomerang’s donor relationship management software can empower nonprofits to raise more funds and create lasting change.


In addition, it needs to have excellent reporting capabilities, and be extensible, both by connection to apps, but more importantly to quality marketing and sales tools. All businesses, big and small, are in a competitive world, and the business owner’s toolbox has to be complete. I taught a student initiated course to my fellow product designers in portfolio design.