mary poppins chapter 6


Bad Tuesday

That morning Michael got up with a funny feeling. Something was wrong with him.

«What day is it today, Mary Poppins?» he asked. «Tuesday,» said Mary Poppins. «Go and take a shower!» He didn’t. The funny feeling got stronger.

«I won’t,» he said slowly. «I WON’T.»

All day nothing went right with him. He did the most terrible things. And he felt very pleased and glad!

«You are ill,» said Mrs. Banks, «you will have some medicine!»

«I’m not ill,» said Michael. «I don’t want to be good.»

Suddenly Mary Poppins said to him, «You got out of bed the wrong side this morning.»

«I didn’t,» said Michael. «There is no wrong side to my bed.»

«Every bed has a right and a wrong side,» said Mary Poppins.

«Not mine — it’s next to the wall.»

«Both sides were wrong this morning! Now, sir,» said Mary Poppins. «Let’s go for a walk.»

When they were in the park, Michael saw a compass on the ground.

«What is it, Michael?» Jane asked.

«I won’t tell you,» said Michael.

«Mary Poppins, what is it for?» asked Jane. Mary Poppins took the little box from Michael’s hand.

«To go round the world with,» said Mary Poppins.

«What an idea!» said Michael. «It is not a ship! This little box can’t take you round the world.»

Mary Poppins sniffed, turned the compass and said the word «North!»

Suddenly it got very cold, and the wind was very strong! All around them there was a lot of ice and snow.

«Oh!» cried Jane. «Where are we now? Where is the park?»

The next moment a Polar Bear jumped out. He was standing on his legs.

«Welcome to the North Pole! You are very cold, aren’t you?» the Bear asked in a kind voice. «That’s because you need something to eat. What would you like? Fish?»

«I’m afraid we can’t stay. We’re on our way round the world. South!» Mary Poppins said to the compass.

The next moment the air got soft and warm. The children were in a noisy green jungle.

«Welcome!» said a large Parrot. «Can you help me, Mary Poppins? My wife’s out and I’m so tired sitting on the eggs. Well, stay here, and I can get some sleep. Do, Mary Poppins! And I’ll get you some bananas.»

«I’m sorry but we are on our way round the world,» said Mary Poppins. Jane and Michael wanted to try some tropical fruit but Mary Poppins said, «East!»

Again the world went round and round — or they went round and round the world?

Now they were among bamboos. A big black animal with white spots was sleeping on the ground. It was a Panda in its own home and not in a Zoo!

The Panda opened one black eye. «Oh, it’s you, my dear girl,» he said sleepily. «Well, I’ll make a home for you all in a moment.»

«We are not going to stay,» Mary Poppins said. «We’re taking a little trip round the world.»

«Isn’t it strange? Going round the world when you could stay here with me. My dear children, tickle me behind the ears. That always sends me to sleep.»

In a moment he was sleeping peacefully and Mary Poppins said in a low voice: «West!»

Hills and lakes, mountains and forests went round and round. This time they were on long white seashore. And before them there was a large black and grey Dolphin with her baby.

«Mary Poppins, you’re just in time for an evening swim. What are you doing here?»

«Oh, Amelia, we are just going round the world,» Mary Poppins.

«Well, now for a meal. What would you like?» Amelia smiled at Jane and Michael, showing her white teeth.

«Thank you, Amelia. But we must be at home in a moment,» said Mary Poppins.

«What kind of visit is that? Next time you must stay for tea, and we’ll all sit together on a rock and sing a song to the moon.» Amelia got very sad.

«That will be lovely,» said Jane and Michael.

«Well, bye-bye then!»

«Bye, Amelia!» Michael and Jane cried.

«What are you doing, Michael?» The boy heard Mary Poppins’s cold voice. The sea was not there. There was green grass and Jane and the Twins and Mary Poppins walking in the Park.

«Round the world and back in a minute — what a wonderful box!» said Jane.

«It’s a compass. And it’s mine,» said Michael. «Give it to me!»

«My compass,» said Mary Poppins and put it into her bag.

He looked at her very angrily. The strange feeling inside him grew worse, and in the evening he grew very naughty. He kicked the Twins and pulled Jane’s hair.

«And that,» said Mary Poppins, «is the end.»

Michael was naughty and hated everybody. He got into bed without cleaning his teeth! Suddenly he saw the compass on the table and had an idea.

«I’ll take the compass and go round the world. And they will never see me again!» He got up, took the compass in his hand.

«North, South, East, West!» he said very quickly.

He heard a noise and saw four large animals — the Polar Bear, the Parrot, the Panda and the Dolphin. They were coming to him, not kind and friendly, but angry and terrible.

«Oh! Mary Poppins, help me!» Michael cried and shut his eyes.

Suddenly the animals stopped and then disappeared.

«Mary Poppins!» he cried again.

«I can hear you OK,» he heard Mary Poppins’s voice.

He opened one eye. No angry animals. Then he sat up and looked round the room. There was nothing there. He was in his bed. And there was no strange feeling inside. He felt quiet and happy.

«What happened?» he asked Mary Poppins.

«I told you that it was my compass. Don’t take my things, please,» she said. Then she took the compass, put it in her pocket and went out of his bedroom. She came back in some minutes with a cup of hot milk in her hands.

Michael was drinking the milk very slowly. How comfortable his bed was! How warm it was! How happy he was to be at home!


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