Muhammad Ali chapter 7


A Quiet Time with his Family

In 1980, Ali lost a fight with Larry Holmes, and in 1981, he lost again to Trevor Burbick. He was slow and tired. He wasn’t well, and he well, and he went to a doctor.

«You’re very sick,» the doctor said. «And you’re not going to get well. It’s not going to kill you, but you’re going to get tired very quickly every day You’re going to walk slowly and talk slowly. I’m sorry but we can’t stop it. And, of course, you can’t box.»

Ali stopped boxing. Now he lives quietly with his family in a big house in the country in Michigan. In the U.S. today, there are no places for «whites only.» On television and in movies there are faces of all colors. People are people. Ali is happy because he was one of the first famous black Americans.

And now Ali is working for peace in the world. He makes money with his famous name. He meets and talks with governments and other famous people. He gets medals these days, too. He is a worker for peace in the world, peace for all people-blacks and whites, Christians and Muslims. In the U.S. they now say. «Ali was right. We were wrong about Vietnam. He fought tor his people and for peace. He is our American Nelson Mandela.

Ali gives a lot of money to the children of the world. He loves children. He always loved children. There are nine children in his family.

He moves very slowly now. He sits at home. He gets tired very quickly. He likes watching his old fights on television. He is a good Muslim and a good man. People visit him and talk with him.

Young Muhammad Ali talked and worked for black Americans. Then he was a famous boxing champion. But today they call him a peoples champion.


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