Chapter six

On the Black Pearl

The pirates took Elizabeth to the Black Pearl in a small boat. When they climbed out, a man came out of the fog.

«Good day,» he said to Elizabeth. «My name is Barbossa. I’m the captain of the Black Pearl.»

Elizabeth looked around her. There were pirates everywhere. She was afraid, but she didn’t show it.

«I am Elizabeth Turner.» She didn’t want to use her name. «I want you to leave Port Royal,» she said. «Leave and never come back.»

The pirates laughed.

«I’m sorry,» said Barbossa. «But that isn’t possible. We’re looking for…»

«I know!» shouted Elizabeth. She ran to the side of the boat and then showed them the gold medallion. «You’re looking for this! Come near me and I’ll throw it in the water.»

The pirates didn’t speak. Their eyes were on the medallion.

«I know you want it,» said Elizabeth. «I know this ship. After eight years, I remember it. Now go and never come back!»

The pirates watched her, carefully. Elizabeth tried again. With the medallion in her hand, she looked down at the water.

«I’ll throw it away now…»

«OK, OK,» said Barbossa. «You win. Give me the medallion, and we’ll leave.»

Elizabeth gave him the gold medallion.

«Stop the guns!» shouted Barbossa. «We’re leaving.» He looked at Elizabeth. «And, Miss Turner, you’re going to come with us.»

«But you have to take me back!» Elizabeth said.

«No,» said the pirate, and he smiled. «I stopped the guns, and we’re going. But I’m not going to take you home. You’re going to stay with us!»


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