Выберите правильный вариант ответа из ниже приведенных:

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1. How old are you?
2. Are you having a nice time?
3. Could you pass the salt please?
4. Yesterday I went __________ bus to the National Museum
5. Sue and Mike __________ to go camping
6. Who’s calling, please?
7. They were __________ after the long journey, so they went to bed
8. Can you tell me the __________ to the bus station?
9. __________ you remember to buy some milk?
10. - Don’t forget to put the rubbish out.
- I’ve __________ done it!
11. You don’t need to bring __________ to eat
12. What about going to the cinema?
13. - What would you like, Sue?
- I’d like the same __________ Michael please.
14. __________ people know the answer to that question
15. It’s not __________ to walk home by yourself in the dark
16. __________ sure all the windows are locked
17. I’ll go and __________ if I can find him
18. What’s the difference __________ football and rugby?
19. My car needs __________
20. Fifty-seven? No, that __________ be the right answer!
21. __________ happens, I’ll always be there for you!
22. Can you __________ to it that no one uses this entrance?
23. A __________ debate ensued, with neither side prepared to give way to the other.
24. I’ve drunk milk every __________ day of my life, and it’s never done me any harm!
25. The version of the film I saw had been __________ censored
26. He promised to phone me at nine o’clock exactly, and he was as __________ as his word
27. There has been so much media __________ of the wedding that I’m completely fed up with it
28. If I were you I would __________ clear of the area around the station late at night
29. Turning back now is out of the __________
30. Joe’s fear of enclosed spaces __________ from a bad experience he had when he was a child