sense and sensibility chapter 29


Edward stayed at Barton Cottage as a welcome guest. He was delighted to hear that Colonel Brandon was coming to stay at Barton Park. Edward had not yet been to Delaford. He thanked the Colonel again for giving him the position of curate at Delaford. During Edward’s stay, Colonel Brandon visited the cottage every day and the two gentlemen were soon good friends.

Elinor and Edward now began to think of how much money they would have when they were married. It was not much. Edward had $2000 of his own, and Elinor had $1000. Edward would receive $200 a year for his work at the church at Delaford.

Two letters arrived at Barton Cottage. They had both been written in London. One letter was from Mrs Jennings, and the other was from John Dashwood. They both gave the news about Lucy Steele’s marriage to Robert Ferrars.

Mrs Jennings had written:

Poor Edward Ferrars! He has gone to Oxford alone and he is very unhappy. Lucy Steele was sly. No one knew anything about her marriage to Robert Ferrars, not even her sister, Anne. Lucy borrowed all of Anne’s money to buy wedding-clothes. Then she left Anne alone in London!

Perhaps you can invite Edward to Barton — then gentle and kind Miss Marianne will be able to comfort him.

John Dashwood’s letter was longer and it was all about the feelings of Mr Ferrars and of John’s wife, Fanny. John had written:

Mrs Ferrars and my dear Fanny are both very upset by the news of Robert’s marriage. Mrs Ferrars is very angry. She says that she never wants to hear the names of Robert or Lucy ever again.

Poor Fanny has wept all day for Mrs Ferrars’ unhappiness and her own.

No one has heard any news from Edward, but we think that he is still in Oxford. I will write to him there. I will tell him to write to his sister, Fanny. He should apologize or his bad behaviour in the past. Fanny could then show the letter to her mother.

We all know how kind dear Mrs Ferrars is, and how she wants to be friends with both her sons. If Edward writes to Fanny now, it might help him in the future.

Elinor showed John Dashwood’s letter to Edward. She thought that Edward should write to his sister.

‘But I am not sorry for my behaviour!’ Edward said. ‘I am going to marry you and I am not sorry about that at all!’

‘But perhaps you could say that you are sorry about your first engagement,’ Elinor said. ‘And then you could tell Fanny about your second engagement! In this way, your mother will know that we are to be married.’

Edward thought about this suggestion. He decided to go to London and speak to his mother himself.

A little later, Colonel Brandon and Edward Ferrars left Barton together. They went first to Delaford, to see the house where Edward was going to live when he became the curate. They made plans for some extra rooms to be built. Then Edward travelled to London, to see his mother and his sister.


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