the fifteenth character chapter 3


Zapp’s New Song

Mr Parry takes the singer to the Zapp-o-copter. Zapp cuts the rope.

‘Thank you, Zapp. Now please can you sing for us?’ says Mr Parry.

‘OK! But the people must help me!’ he says. He begins to sing. Everybody knows the song and sings it with him.

‘Thank you,’ says Zapp. You’re all wonderful singers. Now look at this.’ He takes a CD out of his pocket. ‘This is my new song,’ he says.

‘Please sing it for us!’ say the TV men. But Zapp smiles. ‘No, no — you must come to my big concert next Saturday.’ He puts the CD in his pocket again.

‘Now let’s go on the Zapp-o-copter!’ says Zapp. He sees a teacher with some children. ‘Would they like to come too?’ he asks her. ‘Of course,’ says the teacher. They help the children into the helicopters.

Zapp smiles and smiles. The photographers take lots of pictures. Photo Phil arrives too. He is one of the Happy Hills characters. He takes a photo of the children — and sprays them with water! Everybody laughs.

Zapp is having a wonderful day. He speaks to the TV people. The photographers take photos of him with all the characters. Zapp meets Charlie Clown. Charlie gives him a flower — and the flower sprays him with water. Everybody laughs.

Sally meets Zapp too, and she is very excited. But she cannot talk to him because she is wearing her cat costume and Mr Parry is watching.


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