It is a sunny morning in summer. Mole and Rat are having breakfast. Suddenly there is a knock at the door.

Mole goes to the door and comes back with Badger. Badger looks very serious.

«It’s time!» he says.

«Time for what?» asks Rat. He looks at the clock.

«Time for who!» says Badger, «Time for Toad. We must talk to him. I know that another big new motorcar is arriving at Toad Hall today. We must go and talk to Toad before it’s too late!»

«Good!» says Rat, «We must save poor Toad!»

When they arrive at Toad Hall a big red car is in front of the house. Toad is coming out of the house. He is wearing goggles, a cap, an enormous coat and gloves.

«Hello!» he says when he sees them.

«Take him inside,» says Badger to Rat and Mole. They take him inside.

«Now, Toad,» says Badger, «take these stupid clothes off.»

«No!» says Toad, «Why are you doing this?»

«Take his clothes off,» Badger orders. Rat sits on Toad, and Mole takes off Toad’s motor clothes.

«Now, Toad,» says Badger, «you don’t listen to our advice. You are spending all your money. And people are talking about the animals because of your fast driving and problems with the police.»

But Toad is not sorry. So they lock him in a bedroom.

«You can come out when you’re sorry,» says Rat. They go downstairs. Toad shouts at them through the keyhole.

«Toad’s very determined,» says Badger, «It’s a difficult situation. We must never leave Toad alone.»

The days pass but Toad is still interested in cars. He becomes depressed.

One morning Rat is with Toad. «How are you today, Toad?» he asks.

«Not very well,» replies Toad, «Could you go to the village and call the doctor?»

Rat is worried. «A doctor! He must be very ill.» He goes out of the room and locks the door. Then he runs to the village.

Toad jumps out of bed and laughs. He gets dressed quickly. He puts some money in his pockets. He climbs out of the window and jumps to the ground. He then walks away in the opposite direction to Rat. The sun is shining and he is very happy with himself. «Poor Ratty,» he thinks, «he’s a very good animal but not very intelligent. I must educate him one day.»

He arrives in a small town and sees a sign: «The Red Lion». Toad is very hungry. He goes into the inn and orders a big lunch. Suddenly he hears «poop poop» and sees a car outside the inn. The people get out and go into the inn. Toad walks outside. He looks at the car.

«I wonder,» he thinks, «if this type of car starts easily.»

In a dream, he starts the car, then sits in the driver’s seat and drives away. He doesn’t think about right or wrong. He drives faster and faster.

«We must punish this villain severely,» says the magistrate. «He’s guilty, first of all, of stealing a motorcar, secondly of driving dangerously, and thirdly of being rude to the police. I give you twenty years in prison!»

Poor Toad is locked up in prison!


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