Lolita is in Love

Don Diego’s home in Reina de Los Angeles is big and beautiful. There are many rooms and many servants. There is a big garden with trees and flowers. Don Carlos and his family like it.

«Lolita! Marry Don Diego and this beautiful home is yours!» says Doha Catalina.

«I don’t love Don Diego! I don’t want to marry him!» says Lolita.

«Lolita, tonight your mother and I must visit our old friends,» says Don Carlos. «Can you stay at home alone?»

«Yes, of course. There are many books in Don Diego’s library. I can stay here and read.»

Lolita looks at the books. «How strange!» she thinks. «Don Diego has books about love, passion, adventure, horses and heroes! But he isn’t strong and is so lifeless !»

Suddenly there is a knock at the door. A servant opens it and Captain Ramon enters. He goes to the library and sees Lolita.

«I’m glad you are alone! You are a very beautiful girl. I have your father’s permission to court you! I know that Don Diego wants to marry you, but I am superior in every way. Don Diego has no courage. He is a weak man. I am the Captain of the Presidio.»

«I am alone,» says Lolita. «You cannot stay here. It is not right. Please go away!»

Captain Ramon takes her hand and says, «Don’t run away, Lolita. You are mine! Kiss me!»

Lolita pushes him away and says, «I don’t want to kiss you. Go away!»

«No, you are mine. You must marry me. Now kiss me!»

Lolita slaps the Captain’s face.

At that moment Zorro appears in the library and says, «Captain Ramon, you are a villain. Don’t touch Lolita! Leave this house immediately!»

«I cannot forget this terrible insult,» says the Captain. His face is red with anger. Zorro opens the door and kicks him out.

«Thank you for your help, Zorro. You are courageous and kind. I love you!» Lolita says.

«Dear Lolita, I love you too!» says Zorro.

They embrace and kiss.


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