The Avengers

In the evening the magistrate and his friends are in the tavern. They are laughing about the old friar.

Why are you laughing?» asks a mysterious voice. They look at the door of the tavern and see Zorro. He has a pistol in one hand and a sword in the other.

«Magistrate! I am here to punish you,» says Zorro. «Old Friar Felipe is not a thief and you know it.»

«I am an important magistrate. I don’t like friars because they are your friends, Zorro.»

Zorro gives a whip to the magistrate’s friend and says, «Now whip this corrupt magistrate 15 times.»

«But I cannot do this,» says the friend.

«Whip him or I whip you!» says Zorro.

The friend whips the magistrate. After the punishment the magistrate falls to the ground.

»This is how I punish dishonest people,» says Zorro.

The next day everyone talks about the magistrate’s punishment. A group of young men want to help Captain Ramon arrest Zorro. They look for him in the hills and in the valleys. In the evening they go to the Vega hacienda. When Don Alejandro sees them he says, «Why are you all here?»

«We are looking for Zorro. We want to capture the bandit and get the reward. But now we are tired and hungry. Can you give us some food?»

«Yes, of course. Please come in. You can put your swords and pistols near the door,» says Don Alejandro. «Sit down! Eat these cakes and this wine.»

Don Alejandro and Don Diego talk to the young men.

At 9 p.m. Don Diego says, «Please excuse me. I am tired and I am going to bed.»

«Look, Diego, these young men are not tired. It’s only 9 p.m. You are young but you are always tired,» says Don Alejandro.

«Yes, father, you are right. Good night everyone!»

The others eat, drink and sing.

At midnight a masked man appears at the door.

«Look, it is Zorro!» says one of the young men.

«Zorro, the bandit,» they all say.

«Yes, I am Zorro, but I am not a bandit. I have principles and I fight for them. In California we have corrupt political men, cruel magistrates and dishonest people. I want to change this. I fight to help the poor, the natives and the friars. What are your principles?»

«We want to help the poor, the natives and the friars too,» says one young man.

«Our principles are the same,» says another.

«Come with me and we can fight together! We can make California a better place to live,» says Zorro.

«But who are you? Where do you live?» asks a young man.

«I can’t tell you. It’s a secret,» says Zorro.

The young men talk together.

«Yes, we want to fight with you. We want justice in California. Our new name is The Avengers!» says a young man. «Yes, we are The Avengers,» they all say.

«Good! We now fight together!» says Zorro and leaves.


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