all about desert life chapter 5


Day and Night

In deserts around the world, different animals come out at different times.

Reptiles come out in the morning to get warm in the sun. Lizards lie on rocks to get warm. They lie in the shade when it’s too hot. Desert tortoises look for food in the morning. At night, they stay in their burrows so that they are warm and safe from other animals.

Many desert birds also come out in the day. In the morning, they look for spiders, insects, and seeds.

Most desert animals sleep in the day and come out at night. Many small animals sleep in burrows. Bigger animals, like foxes, sleep in big holes called dens.

At night, scorpions look for food. Scorpions have tiny hairs on their legs. The hairs help the scorpions to feel other animals moving.

Some animals, like desert cats and owls, have special eyes to help them to see well at night. Owls can also hear very well, so they know when animals are moving.