all about desert life chapter 9


Living in the Desert

Living in the desert is very different from living in a city, but people still cook, travel, and go to school.

Most desert people eat bread, porridge, milk, cheese, and food from desert plants. They cook their food on a fire outside their home. Dates grow well in deserts. Dates with cheese is traditional Tuareg food.

Every year, there’s a festival in the Sahara Desert, near Timbuktu in Mali. There are three days of music, dancing, and camel racing.

Today, many desert people drive SUVs, but camels are better for traveling across sand! Camels can travel more than 40 kilometers in a day. They are strong animals. Desert people can use camels to carry food, tents, and other things from their homes.

A long time ago, only a few desert children went to school, but this is changing. In the deserts in Australia, Aborigines are building new schools. Students speak their own language, and they also learn English.