all about desert life chapter 8


Staying Cool

Many people and animals live in hot deserts. They have different ways to stay cool.

Desert people use their clothes and houses to stay cool. Bedouin and Tuareg people wear long clothes to protect them from the hot sun and the wind. They wear a head cloth to protect their head and face.

People in deserts build houses with small windows so that it stays cool inside. This keeps out the sun and also the wind. Some desert houses have no windows!

Many big desert animals stay in a cool place in the day. Oryxes make a cool hole to sit in, or they sit in the shade.

Some desert lizards are called sand swimmers. When it’s hot, these lizards swim under the sand to stay cool.

Some animals, like crocodiles, snakes, and frogs, sleep in the hottest parts of summer. Other animals, like desert tortoises, sleep in winter in cold deserts.