‘What do you think, Harry?’ said Brody. ‘Can this man Quint help us?’

‘We can try him,’ said Meadows. ‘We don’t have anything to lose.’

‘I’ don’t think he can help,’ said Hooper. ‘This shark.’

‘Do you have a better plan?’ asked Brody. When Hooper did not answer, Brody picked up a phone book. ‘Here it is. There’s only one «Quint». And he doesn’t have a first name.’

Brody phoned the number.

‘Mr Quint, this is Martin Brody from Amity Police. We have a problem.’

‘I know.’

‘The shark was here again today’.

‘Did it kill anybody?’

‘No, but it nearly took a boy’.

‘It’s a big fish. It eats a lot of food.’

‘Can you help us?’ said Brody. ‘This fish is killing people.’

‘I’ll try to kill it for you,’ said Quint. ‘But it’ll be four hundred dollars a day’.

‘That’s a lot of money!’ said Brody. ‘There are other fishermen, you know.’

Quint laughed. ‘Yes, you sent somebody out last week. And he’s dead.’

‘Can you start tomorrow?’

‘I must have two men to help me.’

Brody did not want to help. He did not want to go in a boat again. But he said, ‘I’ll be there.’

Quint laughed again. ‘Can you swim?’

‘Yes. Why?’

‘People sometimes fall overboard. And I want a second man.’

Brody turned to Hooper. ‘Do you want to come?’

‘Yes,’ said Hooper. ‘I want to see that fish.’


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