animals at night chapter 1


Life at Night

When the sun goes down, it gets dark and the air gets a lot colder. For many people, it’s time to go to sleep, but a lot of animals only come out at night. They are called nocturnal animals.

The opossum is a nocturnal animal. At night, it looks for plants and small animals to eat. In the day, it hides and goes to sleep.

The armadillo is a nocturnal animal, and it sleeps for more than 17 hours in the day!

Nocturnal animals aren’t the only animals that come out at night. Some animals, like the tiger, come out in the day and at night. Other animals, like the rabbit, only come out in the morning when it’s getting light, and in the evening when it’s getting dark.

Some animals come out at night because there are not so many predators — animals that want to hunt and eat them. Some animals find more food because they eat other animals that come out at night. In very hot places, it’s sometimes too hot to come out in the day.