animals at night chapter 2


Special Senses

Many animals that come out at night have special senses. This means that they can see, hear, touch, smell, or taste very well. These special senses help them to find food and to stay safe in the dark.

Wild dogs, like foxes, usually hunt in the dark. They have a big nose, and an amazing sense of smell that helps them to find food. A fox can smell mice through up to 12 centimeters of snow! Foxes also have very big ears that they can move, so they can hear very well all around them.

Raccoons are nocturnal animals that have long fingers and a very good sense of touch. When they are hunting for food in water, they use their fingers to find fish and frogs.

Many nocturnal animals can see much better than people in the dark.

They have very big eyes that let in lots of light.

A tarsier’s eye is bigger than its brain! It can see very well in the dark.