animals at night chapter 6


Desert Animals

In many deserts, it’s very hot in the day, so many animals only come out at night. The fennec fox lives in the Sahara Desert in Africa. It stays in a burrow in the sand in the day, and at night it hunts for mice, lizards, and insects. It’s the smallest fox in the world, but it has very big ears, so it can easily hear its prey in the dark.

Kangaroo rats need to drink! They get water from the seeds that they eat.

Kangaroo rats live in deserts in North America. At night, they jump around and find seeds. They keep seeds in their mouth, and then they put them in their burrow.

Desert scorpions stay out of the sun in the day. At night, they come out to feed on minibeasts. Scorpions can’t see well, but they have special hairs on their legs so that they can feel when prey is near. They kill their prey with a sting from their tail.