Chapter thirteen

Back to the Isla de Muerta

Jack was on the Dauntless again. And again, Commodore Norrington wanted to put him in chains.

«Mr. Norrington!» Elizabeth said. «We have to go to the Isla de Muerta. Captain Sparrow can help us, but not in chains.»

«Commodore Norrington,» said Jack, «Barbossa is the captain of the last pirate ship in the Caribbean. You have to catch him. But without me, how can you find him?» Norrington thought about this.

«We have to go back to Port Royal,» he said. «The governor wants to take his daughter home. We can’t go after pirates.»

«Please, please,» said Elizabeth. «Will is on the Isla de Muerta. We have to help him.»

«Do we?»

«Mr. Norrington, you want to marry me. We can marry. We will marry. But first, we have to help Will. Please do it for me.» Norrington smiled. Then he turned to his sailors.

«OK, men, get ready. We’re going to the Isla de Muerta’


Will and the ghostly pirates were in the cave on the Isla de Muerta. «It isn’t a problem,» Pintel told Will. «It’s only a little blood.» «Maybe more than a little,» said Barbossa. He pushed Will down on the floor and put a knife to his head. «Excuse me!»

«Who’s that?» said Barbossa. «Who’s there?» «It’s me. Captain Jack Sparrow.» Jack walked into the cave. Barbossa looked at him.

«Not you again!» he said. «How did you get off the island?» Jack laughed, and Barbossa got angry.

«First Turner, then you,» he said to Jack. «I want to see you die.» «No,» said Jack, very slowly. «You don’t want to do that.» «And why not?»

«Because the Dauntless is here. They want to take you.» Barbossa took the knife away from Will’s head. «Take us? They can’t. We’re not men, we’re ghosts.» «You’re ghosts now. But after the blood? When you’re men again, they can kill you.» Barbossa thought about this. «So, what’s your plan?» he said.

«Go out to the Dauntless now. Ghosts can take the Dauntless. Then you’ll have two ships.»

«And what do you want?»

«I want to be a captain again. Under you, of course. You’ll have the Dauntless, and I’ll be your captain on the Black Pearl.» Barbossa smiled. «OK. Let’s do it!»


Outside the cave, Commodore Norrington waited on the water. He had seven small boats and more than fifty men. It was time for a fight!

But when the ghostly pirates started to move, Norrington didn’t see them. They weren’t in their boats. They walked on the ocean floor, below Norrington and his men. Only the fish saw them.

«Where are they?» said one of the sailors. «Can anybody see them?»

Suddenly, they heard a loud noise. Guns! On the Dauntless! Commodore Norrington turned and looked at his ship. He saw his men. And he saw… skeletons.

«Quickly!» he shouted. «Back to the ship!»

They went back to the Dauntless and climbed up the side. They shot at the ghostly pirates, but they couldn’t kill them. Then Norrington saw Governor Swann.

«Are you OK, sir?» he asked.

«I’m OK. But where’s Elizabeth?»


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