Chapter twelve

On a Small Island

«Now,» Barbossa said to Jack, «it’s time for a swim.» «Last time you gave me a gun,» said Jack.

«Yes, that’s right.» Barbossa turned to his sailors. «Give him his gun.»

«There are two of us. We want two guns.» «Only one. You can shoot the girl with it.» Barbossa took the gun and threw it into the water. Elizabeth jumped in and Jack followed. They swam to the bottom and got the gun. Then they swam to the island. They looked back at the Black Pearl.

«He has my ship again!» said Jack angrily. «For the second time!»

Elizabeth looked around the island. «It’s not very big,» she said.

Jack didn’t speak. He remembered this island. He sat down and started to make a fire. «How can we get away?» asked Elizabeth. «We can’t.»

«How long can we live here?»

«Oh, there’s food on the trees. Maybe a month. Maybe more.» «But we don’t have a month! We have to help Will! We have to do something now!» Elizabeth sat by the fire and started to sing the old song: «Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me, Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life… We drink, we fight, and then we die, Yo ho, yo ho, and we drink to a pirate’s life.» «How do you know that?» Jack asked. «Oh, I learned it when I was a child.» «I love that song,» said Jack. He sang with her.

«We’re hard and we’re bad and we fight and we drink…» And then he fell asleep.

Elizabeth thought hard. Then she started to work. She got more wood and put it on the fire. Then she found more and more wood. When Jack woke up, there was fire everywhere. «What are you doing?» he asked Elizabeth. «We have to live here!» «Look at the smoke,» Elizabeth said. He looked. There was a lot of smoke.

«You see?» Elizabeth said. «Everybody is looking for us. And when they see the smoke…» «Nobody will see it,» Jack said. «They aren’t looking around here.» Jack walked down to the water. And then he saw it — a ship! An English ship! It was the Dauntless. «She’s never going to forget this,» he thought.


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