Chapter eleven

The Blood of a Pirate

Will and Elizabeth arrived at the Interceptor. «Where’s Jack?» asked Gibbs. «Yes, where’s Jack?» asked AnaMaria.

Jack? Jack Sparrow? Elizabeth wasn’t happy. She didn’t want the help of a pirate. «He’s on the island, «Will told them. «We have to go — now.» «OK,» said Gibbs. «Get ready!» he shouted to the other sailors. Will and Elizabeth went to the back of the boat. Will looked into Elizabeth’s eyes. He moved nearer but Elizabeth stopped him. «This is yours,» she said. She gave him the gold medallion. «What’s this?» he asked.

«Don’t you remember? You had it when I found you.» «Oh yes,» said Will. He looked at the medallion. «It was my father’s.» And then he understood. «They have to have my blood — not yours. My father’s blood. The blood of a pirate!»


Jack and Barbossa sat at a table on the Black Pearl. «Ah, my ship,» Jack said. «It isn’t your ship now,» Barbossa said angrily. «You give me my ship,» Jack said, «and I’ll give you a name. You’ll have your blood. And I want to say thank you.» «Why?»

«You left me on that island,» Jack said. «You took the gold, and the curse went with it. But the curse isn’t on me. So thank you!» A pirate came in.

«We can see the Interceptor,» he said. «Get the guns ready,» shouted Barbossa.

«Why don’t I go onto the ship and talk to them?» Jack said. «I’ll get your medallion.»

«No, you won’t.» Barbossa turned to his sailors. «Take him downstairs — and watch him!»

The Black Pearl moved faster and faster.


The sailors on the Interceptor watched the pirate ship. «It’s too fast,» Gibbs shouted. «We’re too heavy,» said AnaMaria.

They threw everything into the water: boxes, bottles, food. But the Black Pearl was very near them now. Then it was at their side.

The fight was short, and Barbossa’s pirates quickly won. They took Elizabeth and Jack’s sailors onto the Black Pearl. Barbossa had the medallion in his hand. Suddenly, Will was there in front of him! He had a gun. «She goes free!» he said. «Elizabeth goes free.»

«No, she doesn’t, boy,» said Barbossa. «Put down that gun. You can’t kill me. We’re ghosts. We can’t die.»

«You can’t. But I can.» Will put the gun to his head. «My name is Will Turner. My father was Bill Turner. His blood is my blood!» The pirates looked at Will. They didn’t move. «Without my blood,» said Will, «the curse will always be with you.» He was right. The pirates knew it. «OK, Mr. Turner,» said Barbossa. «What do you want?» «Elizabeth goes free.» «Yes. We know that. And?» Will thought hard. This game was new to him. «And… and the sailors of the Interceptor.» «OK,» said Barbossa.

Will put down his gun. Barbossa took it and smiled. «Jack and the girl will go to that island,» he said. He showed them a very small island near the boat. «But they won’t be free!» shouted Will. «You said…» «They will be free. But they’ll be free on that island.»


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