animals at night chapter 8


Animals Asleep

At night, when many animals are looking for food, others are asleep, just like you! In the evening, baboons climb up cliffs or into the tops of trees, and they sleep for about ten hours every night. In these high places, they know that they are safe from predators

Flamingoes sleep at night, standing on one leg! They have special ankles that keep their legs straight so that they don’t fall down.

Walruses live in the Arctic. It’s light all night in the summer there. Walruses sleep on land, on ice, or in water. They can sleep for up to 19 hours. Walruses have special pouches on their body. When they sleep in water, they put lots of air in the pouches, to keep their head above the water.

Walruses sometimes put their tusks over big pieces of ice so that they don’t move away when they are asleep.