animals at night chapter 9


Noises at Night

It’s hard to see at night, so animals often use noises to communicate. Owls call to each other, and lions roar if predators come near their babies. When deer are in danger, they try to communicate with other deer. They make noises in their nose, and they hit the ground with their feet.

Most birds do not sing at night, but the male nightingale sings a beautiful song when it’s looking for a female. Some insects make a lot of noise at night, too. The grasshopper makes noises with its wings and legs.

The Tasmanian devil is a small animal that comes out to hunt for food in the dark. When it’s scared or it thinks that another animal is going to take its food, it makes terrible noises.

When howler monkeys call to each other at night, you can hear them from about 5 kilometers away!