animals at night chapter 10


Traveling at Night

Every year, many types of bird migrate — they move from one place to another to live. These birds usually only come out in the day, but when they migrate, they travel at night. This is because they are safer from predators, and they can fly for longer because it’s cooler. Also, they feed in the day, and then they have lots of energy to fly at night when they are full of food.

Green turtles are not usually nocturnal, but they travel at night when they are ready to lay their eggs. They swim to a beach and come out of the ocean. They wait until night when it’s cooler. Then they move up the beach and lay their eggs in the sand.

When the baby turtles come out of the eggs, they dig their way out of the sand and they go to the ocean. The baby turtles do this at night when it’s cooler, and when there are not so many predators.

There’s a lot happening at night! All around the world, millions of animals are moving around, hunting for food, and traveling from one place to another.


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