Muhammad Ali chapter 5


Joe Frazier, A New Opponent

Joe Frazier was a good boxer. He was strong and quick. He was an Olympic champion, too. He won his medal at the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 1964 Ali’s first fight with him was in New York in 1971.

But two years away from boxing is a long time. The tight was very difficult tor Alt. He danced, but he was slow and tired. He fought well, but after fifteen long rounds Frazier won.

But Ali didn’t stop fighting. After thirteen lights and twelve wins, he fought Joe Frazier again in New York in 1974. Frazier fought well, but after a long and difficult fight, this time Ali was the winner.

This time, Ali was the winner.

But Ali wasn’t the world champion after that fight. At that, time there was a new world champion, George Foreman. «I want to be world champion again,» Ali said. And only George Foreman can stop me now. When and where can I fight him?»


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