The Prince

Suddenly all the lights of the castle and the garden, turn on. There are beautiful fireworks in the sky. Beauty is surprised and looks at the castle. Then she turns round and looks at the Beast.

What a surprise! She sees a handsome young man.

‘Thank you, Beauty,’ says the young man. ‘The spell is broken!’

‘But where is the Beast?’ asks Beauty. ‘I am the Beast!’ says the prince.

‘I don’t understand,’ says Beauty. ‘Who are you?’

‘I’m a prince and this is my castle,’ says the young man. ‘Sometimes a bad witch puts a spell on a prince and only true love can break the spell. Now I know your love is true.’

The prince takes her hand and says, ‘Do you want to marry me, Beauty?’

Beauty looks at the handsome prince and says, ‘Yes, I do!’

Beauty and the prince go to the castle. When she opens the door she is surprised.

‘My family! You’re all here!’ cries Beauty. She is happy when she sees her family. They talk and laugh together.

Suddenly she sees the good fairy from her dream.

‘Beauty,’ says the good fairy, ‘you’ve got a kind heart and you’re going to marry the prince and become a princess!’

Then the good fairy looks at Beauty’s two sisters.

‘You’re both bad, lazy and unkind,’ says the fairy. ‘You don’t love anyone!’

The fairy says some magic words and suddenly Rosalind and Hortensia become statues.

‘Oh, no!’ cries Beauty. ‘My sisters are statues!’

‘Your sisters have got hearts of stone,’ says the fairy. ‘Now they can’t move, but they can see and hear everything. When they understand their mistakes they can become Rosalind and Hortensia again.’

The next day Beauty and the prince get married. Everyone dances and sings in the castle. It is a happy day. People give flowers to Beauty and the prince.

The prince sees tears in Beauty’s eyes and says, ‘Don’t cry, my Beauty. We’re going to be very happy together!’


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