The Dream

The Beast is going to be very sad without me,’ Beauty thinks. ‘But I want to stay with my family for a few more days. Then I’m going to go back to him.’

Beauty thinks about the Beast. She misses him.

Ten days later Beauty dreams about the Beast. In her dream the Beast is on the grass in the garden of the castle. And he’s going to die!

‘Beauty, whispers the Beast, ‘today is the tenth day and you’re not here. I can’t live without you. I can’t eat or drink.’

Beauty wakes up and thinks, ‘The poor Beast is going to die without me! I must go back to him.’

She takes the ring and puts it on a table near her bed.

‘The Beast is ugly but he’s very kind,’ she thinks. ‘Why don’t I marry him? I’m happy with him. My sisters have handsome, clever husbands — but they’re not happy.’

Beauty falls asleep and the next morning she wakes up at the Beast’s castle.

Today I’m going to wear a beautiful dress,’ Beauty thinks.

At nine o’clock in the evening she goes to dinner and waits for the Beast. But he doesn’t come to see her.

‘What’s happening?’ Beauty thinks. ‘Where’s the Beast? Why isn’t he here?’

‘Beast!’ she cries. ‘Beast, where are you! Answer me!’

She opens the doors of all the rooms and looks everywhere in the castle. But she cannot find him. Suddenly she remembers her dream. She runs to the garden and sees the Beast on the grass.

‘Oh, no!’ she cries. ‘Is he dead?’ She listens to his heart and it is beating. ‘Good! He’s not dead!’ she thinks.

She gets some cold water from the river and wets his face. The Beast slowly opens his eyes.

‘Beauty,’ he whispers, ‘I’m dying… but I’m happy because you’re here.’

‘No, Beast,’ cries Beauty. ‘Don’t die! You must live and become my husband. I love you and I can’t live without you.’


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