Big hair day chapter 4


Two angry men

I wait to go across the street. There are lots of cars. I start to think about Fabio Facelli. Is he in Chapelfield Park now?

There’s a red car coming very fast. The car in front of it stops, and the fast red car drives into it. Crash!

I run over to the front car. The window is open. ‘Are you OK?’ I ask the man in the car.

‘My new car!’ the man says. He gets out. He looks at his car. Then he goes over to the red car behind. He starts to shout at the man in the red car. ‘Look at my car!’

The man in the red car gets out. He looks angry too. ‘Look at my car!’ he says.

I look at them. Oh no! I don’t want to go into the police station again! I can’t go in there again! But the men are shouting now. People are stopping and looking. Why don’t they go into the police station for help? But they don’t.

So I go.

George is at his desk. ‘Miss Reynolds!’ he says.

‘Please come,’ I say. ‘There’s going to be a fight!’

George gets up quickly and comes with me.

There’s a lot of noise out in the street. The two men are fighting now. I don’t like it. They’re big men and they’re very angry. George runs over. I watch George at work. I don’t know why, but I think about Fabio Facelli in his film ‘Bad Men Die’.

Fabio Facelli! The film! I must get to Chapelfield Park now!

I leave George with the angry men and run up the street.


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