Big hair day chapter 5


Shouting for Fabio

I get to Chapelfield Park at 9.59. I’m not late, but I don’t look good. Because of the wind, my hair is everywhere. It is a bad hair day. But by 10.30 I don’t look like Sophia Reynolds. ‘Beautiful Young Things’ is a 1960s film, and all the extras have 1960s hair.

‘From bad hair day to big hair day!’ I think.

In the film Fabio Facelli is a famous singer, Ricky Burns. All the extras are going to watch him sing. I can’t believe it — in a minute I’m going to see Fabio Facelli!

‘OK,’ says the film director. ‘You’re all here to see the famous Ricky Burns. You love Ricky Burns! And any minute he’s going to be here! I want you all to shout for Ricky. OK!’

Everyone starts to shout. ‘Ricky! Ricky!’

Then a man comes over. He’s tall with dark hair and beautiful eyes. ‘Fabio!’ I start to shout. ‘Fabio!’

‘Stop!’ says the film director.

‘Shout out for Ricky, not Fabio, please!’ the director says.

‘Oh no!’ I think.

‘Sorry, Fabio,’ the film director says to the tall man with dark hair.

Fabio Facelli’s eyes look cold. ‘That’s funny,’ I think, ‘they never look cold in his films.’ He walks away again.

‘OK!’ says the film director and we start to shout again.

This time I shout out, ‘Ricky!’

We shout and shout and shout. After thirty minutes I can’t talk because of all the shouting.

‘OK,’ says the film director to us. ‘We’re going to stop for ten minutes and have a drink.’

I have a drink and then I go to find my phone. I want to phone George about my bag. But I’ve got a text from him. He’s got my bag!

‘OK, everyone!’ I hear the director shout.

I put my phone away and run out. Crash! I run into a man. It’s Fabio Facelli!

‘Why don’t you look where you’re going?’ Fabio shouts at me. ‘Look at my trousers!’

‘Sorry,’ I start to say. But Fabio doesn’t stop to listen.

I watch him go. ‘You have beautiful eyes,’ I think, ‘but you’re not a beautiful man.’ Then I think about another man’s eyes. Dark eyes. PC George Cooper’s eyes.


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