Big hair day chapter 3


Mr Sit Down

Out in the street I look for Chapelfield Park on my map. Good — it’s not far. I can get there by ten o’clock. I start to walk. Then I hear something and look down. A small boy is next to me. He looks about three or four. And he’s crying.

‘Hello,’ I say. ‘Where’s your mother?’

The boy doesn’t answer. He just cries.

I take his hand. ‘Don’t cry,’ I say.

I look up and down the street, but I can’t see the boy’s mother. I know what to do. I smile at the boy.

‘Come on,’ I say. ‘Come and see Mr Sit Down with me. He’s a policeman.’

The boy walks with me down the street. He doesn’t stop crying. We go into the police station and everyone looks at us. The boy is crying loudly.

My policeman is speaking to a woman at his desk. I take the boy over to the desk and the policeman looks up.

‘Miss Reynolds,’ the policeman says.

I speak fast. ‘This boy can’t find his mother,’ I tell him.

‘Excuse me,’ the policeman says to the woman at his desk. He gets up and comes over to the boy. His face is kind. ‘What’s your name?’ he asks the boy.

The boy stops crying. ‘Peter,’ he says. Then he looks at the policeman. ‘Are you Mr Sit Down?’ he asks.

‘Oh help!’ I think.

The policeman looks at me. His eyes are smiling. I want to die.

‘I’m PC George Cooper,’ he tells the boy.

‘George,’ I think. ‘His name’s George.’

Then a woman runs into the police station.

‘Peter!’ she shouts. ‘Peter!’ She runs over to the boy.

Peter starts crying again. ‘Mummy!’ he says.

George gets up. He smiles at me. I smile too. Everyone is happy.

‘Thank you for your help, Miss Reynolds,’ George says.

‘Excuse me,’ says the woman at George’s desk. ‘I must be at work in ten minutes.’

Work! The film! I’m going to be late!

‘Goodbye,’ I say to George. ‘See you this afternoon.’ And I run out of the police station.


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