the wonderful wizard of oz elementary chapter 7



The next morning the four friends go to the Wizards room. The Scarecrow asks, «Is my brain ready?»

«Please sit down,» says Oz, «First I must open your head. Then I can put your brain in the right place. Now don’t move.»

The little man opens a green box with the word «brain» on it. He slowly puts a brain into the Scarecrow’s head.

«Now you have a brain you are a very clever Scarecrow,» says Oz. «Oh, thank you!» says the Scarecrow, «I finally have a brain!»

The Tin Woodman is next. He is excited.

«Where is my heart?» he asks.

Oz goes to a big green box and takes out a beautiful red heart.

«Here is a special red heart. Wear it all the time,» says Oz.

«Is it a kind heart?» asks the Tin Woodman.

«Yes, it’s a very kind heart,» says Oz.

‘I’m very happy! Thank you!» says the Tin Woodman. «Now I can love someone.»

«Now you must give me courage!» says the Lion.

Oz gives him a green bottle with the word «courage» on it.

«Drink this!» he says to the Lion.

The Lion drinks it quickly and then smiles. «Now I feel courageous, very courageous!» says the Lion, «Thank you!»

«And what about Toto and me?» asks Dorothy quietly.

«I can take you to Kansas in my hot-air balloon,» says Oz, «Come with me!»

They go into his garden and see the big hot-air balloon with a small box under it.

Oz gets into the box and says, «Come on, Dorothy! We’re going to Kansas!»

Dorothy says goodbye to the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman and the Lion. «Come on, Toto. We’re going home to Kansas.»

But Toto suddenly sees a cat and runs after it.

«Toto! Come here!» says Dorothy. She runs after Toto.

«Dorothy, the rope is breaking!» says the Wizard, «Come quickly!»

Dorothy picks up Toto and runs to the hot-air balloon. But the rope breaks and the big hot-air balloon goes up into the sky.

«Go to the Land of the Quadlings,» cries the Wizard, «The Good Witch of the South lives there. She can help you! Goodbye!»

The hot-air balloon and the Wizard disappear into the sky forever.


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