the wonderful wizard of oz elementary chapter 8


The Good Witch of the South

How can I go home now?» Dorothy asks sadly, «Where is the Land of the Quadlings? And who is the Good Witch of the South?»

She starts crying.

The Tin Woodman looks at her and starts crying too.

«Don’t cry!’ says the Scarecrow, «Water is bad for your tin body. Blow the magic whistle, Dorothy, the Winged Monkeys can help you.»

«You’re a clever Scarecrow,» says Dorothy. She blows the magic whistle and the Winged Monkeys arrive.

«Please take us to the Land of the Quadlings,» she says, «I must find the Good Witch of the South.»

The Winged Monkeys take Dorothy and her friends to the Land of the Quadlings.

The Land of the Quadlings is lovely. There are flowers and trees everywhere. All the houses are red. The Quadlings are short and they all wear red clothes and red shoes. A kind Quadling woman gives them some cake and milk.

«Where is the castle, please?» asks Dorothy.

«Take the road to the South,» says the kind woman.

When the friends arrive at the beautiful castle, they see three Quadling girls outside the castle gate.

«Why are you here?» asks one girl in a friendly voice.

«I want to see the Good Witch of the South,» says Dorothy.

«Please wait here,» says the other girl.

After a few minutes the three girls return and say, «Follow us, please.»

Soon Dorothy and her friends enter a big room and see the Good Witch of the South. She is young and beautiful. She has red hair and blue eyes. She is wearing a long white dress.

«What can I do for you, my child,» asks the Good Witch.

«I want to go home to Kansas,» says Dorothy, «Can you help me?»

She looks at Dorothy’s silver shoes and smiles. «Your silver shoes are magic,» she says.

«They can take you home. First close your eyes, then click your heels three times and say, «Take me home to Kansas!'»

«That’s easy!» says Dorothy happily, «Thank you!»

«And what about your friends?» says the Good Witch, «What do they want?»

«I’m a clever Scarecrow and I want to rule the Emerald City,» says the Scarecrow.

«I have a kind heart,» says the Tin Woodman, «I want to rule the Land of the Winkies because the Wicked Witch of the West is dead.»

«I am a courageous lion,» says the Lion, «I want to be the King of the Forest.»

«Good,» says the Good Witch.

«You can all have want you want.»

This is a happy moment for everyone.

Dorothy kisses the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman and the Lion.

«Goodbye, my dear friends!» she says.

«Goodbye, Dorothy, and thank you!» her friends say.

She picks Toto up and closes her eyes. Then she clicks her heels three times and says, «Take me home to Kansas!»

Suddenly there is a strong wind. It blows her and Toto into the sky and they fly and fly. Finally they are on the ground. Dorothy opens her eyes and looks around. They are in Kansas. She looks at her feet, but her magic shoes aren’t there. Then she sees Aunt Em and Uncle Henry.

«I’m home again, Aunt Em and Uncle Henry! I’m so happy!» she cries.