the fifteenth character chapter 2


Here Comes Zapp!

It is nine o’clock. The doors open, but there are not many visitors today. They all have invitations and they show them to Mr Parry. A very famous man is coming to Happy Hills, so Mr Parry is very excited.

‘Zapp’s coming today. He’s opening the new Zapp-o-copter,’ says William to Sally.

‘Stop talking and do some work!’ says Mr Parry.

Zapp is a singer. Sally loves listening to his songs and she has all his CDs. There is a picture of him in her room too.

The Zapp-o-copter is very exciting. People can sit in little helicopters and go up and down very fast. The visitors stand behind a blue rope and wait for Zapp.

‘Please stay behind the rope,’ says Mr Parry.

Suddenly there is a noise in the sky. Everybody looks up. ‘It’s Zapp’s helicopter!’ says William.The helicopter comes down and Zapp gets out. He smiles at the visitors.

‘Oh — he’s wonderful!’ says a young girl. She gives Zapp a flower. He gives her a big smile and says, ‘Thank you’.

Sally is hot and thirsty in her costume. She wants to talk too, but Mr Parry is watching.


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