the fifteenth character chapter 4


Where’s Zapp’s Cd?

‘Come on, it’s eleven o’clock,’ says William. ‘Let’s go to the canteen for our break. We’ve got ten minutes.’

They sit down in the canteen and take off their heads. Sally is thirsty. Her face is hot and red. William is hot and thirsty too. They have a long drink of cold water. ‘That’s good!’ William says. Then he looks at his watch. ‘Ten past eleven,’ he says. ‘Come on, Sally. Back to work!’

They finish their drinks and put their heads on again.

Suddenly a lot of people come into the canteen.

‘What’s the matter?’ says William.

‘Zapp’s CD!’ says Mr Parry. ‘He can’t find it!’

Everybody is unhappy, but Zapp is angry too.

‘That CD’s important, Parry,’ he says. ‘You must find it.’

‘I’m doing my best, Zapp,’ says Mr Parry. ‘Don’t hit me, please — I’m doing my best!’

A lot of things happen very quickly. The visitors want to go home, but suddenly Mr Parry closes all the doors.

‘Nobody can leave,’ he says. ‘I’m sorry, but Zapp’s CD’s very important and we must find it.’

Mr Parry makes a telephone call. Very soon four police arrive in a big white police car. They ask a lot of questions.

The police look everywhere for the CD. They read Mr Parry’s list of visitors. They count the visitors carefully and look in all their pockets and bags.

There is a lot of noise. People are angry and tired. They want to go home now. And Zapp is speaking very quietly into a little black telephone. Photo Phil goes to him and says, ‘Smile, please!’

‘Go away!’ says Zapp angrily.

Now the police want to talk to the workers. One stays with the visitors and three police speak to the workers in the canteen. Zapp comes with the police.

‘You must find that CD!’ says Zapp.

‘We’re doing our best, Zapp,’ say the police.


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