The Man behind the Mask

The soldiers follow Zorro all night. They cannot capture him.

The next night Zorro silently enters the Governor’s home. He wants to talk to the Governor and Captain Ramon. They are sitting near the fire.

Zorro enters and says, «Don’t move and don’t make a noise. I want to speak to you.»

He has a pistol in one hand and a sword in the other.

«Zorro! Why are you here?» asks the Governor.

«You are here to die!» says Captain Ramon.

«No,» answers Zorro, «I am here to bring justice. I am here to learn the truth. Governor, you want to punish the Pulido family. Why?»

«They are traitors. They are your friends, Zorro! They help you. Your friends are my enemies,» says the Governor.

«They are not traitors. They do not help me. They are not my friends,» he says.

«Look at this letter. It accuses them,» says the Governor.

Zorro reads the letter and says, «It is Captain Ramon’s letter. He accuses the Pulido family.» Zorro looks at the Captain and says, «Captain, you are a liar but I am here to punish you. Tell the Governor the truth about the Pulido family.»

Zorro puts his pistol to Captain Ramon’s head and says, «Tell the Governor the truth or I shoot!»

Captain Ramon is silent. His face is white.

«Tell the truth, you liar,» says Zorro.

«Yes, I am a liar. The letter is not true.»

«This is terrible!» says the Governor. «You are a liar. You cannot be the Captain of the Presidio!»

At that moment the Captain pulls out his sword.

He begins to fight Zorro. It is a long sword fight. In the end, Zorro kills Captain Ramon.

«The Captain is dead,» says Zorro to the Governor.

Outside the Governor’s home there are many soldiers. They want to capture Zorro. He sees Lolita on her horse. He shouts, «Lolita, come with me. We must hide in the old tavern. This time it is very difficult to escape. There are soldiers all around us.»

«I’m happy to be with you Zorro,» says Lolita. «I’m not scared.»

Zorro and Lolita hide inside the old tavern. The soldiers try to enter. Zorro is ready to fight.

Suddenly The Avengers come to rescue Zorro and Lolita. They explain many things to the Governor. The Governor pardons Zorro.

Zorro and Lolita walk out of the old tavern. They are free. Everyone is happy and cheers.

The Governor says, «Now that you are free, show us your face!»

«Yes! Yes!» the people say.

Zorro takes off his black mask.

«It’s Don Diego Vega!» exclaims Sergeant Gonzales. Everyone is very surprised.

«My son, Don Diego! I can’t believe it!» exclaims Don Alejandro.

Lolita looks at him and says, «Is this true or is it a dream? Are you really Don Diego?»

«Yes, my love. I am your Don Diego and your Zorro!» he says embracing Lolita.


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